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Hello, I am 21 years old, African American, female, with one child who was born normally, and I stopped breastfeeding in January 2014. The last couple of months I randomly have shooting pains in my breast, I have a huge lump under my arm in my armpit, as well as a boil like bump under my breast. I do have larger breasts.... now the boil thing never smells bad, and never pops on its own. When it drains it only drains blood, that's sometimes clotted. The arm pit lump has been looked at but they never did a mammogram and they said they would. The lump in my armpit is on my left side, the boil thing is under my right breast, and I have the shooting pains in both breasts randomly? Are all of these things connected, should I be concerned?
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I can't really say that they are connected but I would advise you to see a Breast Specialist who will most likely order an Ultrasound to further investigate these issues. I don't see that a Mammogram would be of much value, especially at your young age since the breast tissue is quite dense. Breast pain is rarely associated with Breast Cancer but could certainly be caused by the problems you have mentioned here. I'm not sure what type of Dr. you are seeing but I think your best answers and solutions would come from a Breast Specialist. Both the issues you have mentioned need some attention so please make an appointment and get them resolved. Things such as these do not just go away .....   Regards ....
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