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Confused about Titanium chips placed in breast biopsy

I had a breast biopsy yestery for a lump that they said was "probably benign". I have very dense breast tissue so it's lumpy anyway. WHen I got there they told they would place titanium chips as markers for the future should there be a need to go in or to know that the area was already bioposed. I never heard or read anything about this being part of the procedure before. WHen I got home I started to second guess the whole thing and starting researching online. I'm reading all sorts of things, many women saying these tiny chips caused them problems and some to the point where they want them removed. Now I alm confused and scared. Just how safe are these? are these really necessary? are we being used as geuni pigs? how long have they been used in breast biopsy? Do they cause any sort of problems or is that rare? Can they be removed and how easy would it be to remove them. It just seems odd to place any forgion object in your body. I do understand their reasoning, they want to make it easier for themselfs to indenitfy the area, but it was like they sort of forced it on me and I was sitting there half naked and didn't know what do but except what I was being told. It was only later that I freaked out. Please help. I feel scared. THe breast is still sore from the biopsy and my arm even feels numb.
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Please check out the thread below, which addresses your concern.


Best wishes...
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Hi Sweetie,

With all of my surgeries I've got over 30 in my body and I've not had ANY problems with them at all. I've had several MRI's since and have gone successfully through airport security without any issues.

You can't feel them. They don't move around. If they hadn't told you they placed one you would never have known. It's all in the mind. Relax, it won't hurt you :)
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