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Could it be Cancer?

My doctor and I found 2 lumps inmy breast so he  sent me for a mammogram I got it done today and the doc there saidi he wanted to do an ultrasund too because of the luimps on the mammogram..but tech said that nothing showed  on US...Could it still be cancer or something to be checked out
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Breast lumps can be many things.The fact that these lumps are palpable but do not show on ultrasound,is not unusual and it does not make them cancerous or increase the chances of it being cancerous.
Not all lumps show up on ultrasound or mammogram,but your radiologist should be able to let you know if these lumps need additional investigation,or just be monitored to see if there are any changes.
If a lump is palpable and looks suspicious on mammography, then the most definitive way to evaluate it, is to have some type of biopsy.If it's a cyst, fluid will come out.If the lump is solid,the tissue can be examined under the microscope to rule out cancer.
Ultrasound is best to evaluate things in the breast which CAN'T be felt. When they can be,a needle aspiration usually gets a reliable answer. Please keep in mind that most lumps are harmless and I am hoping the same for you too.
All the best...
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