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Could my breast pain mean breast cancer?

I have not found an answer to this and I cannot afford to go to a doctor. I have had moderate pain in my left breast since around 5 weeks ago. I would like to say my left breast is at least 1 cup size bigger than my right, my left breast used to only be slightly bigger than my left. My breasts are very lumpy with lumps ranging in size from feeling like a piece of sand to a chewed up stick of gum. If I lay on my right side, so my left shoulder is pointing towards the ceiling, and I check my breasts there are a couple rubber-band feeling tissue (like if you set a rubber band on its side on a flat surface and touched it). I have no nipple pain. My entire breast hurts and going from my sternum to my arm pit the breast hurts more the closer to my armpit you get. In my normal cycle my left breast gets a bit tender and swollen but it has been here for 5 weeks and I am concerned.Please help.
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I just noticed when I checked to see if anyone has responded and by "breasts" I only mean my left breast. Sorry for the confusion and please offer some advice if you have any!
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i am sorry, but without testing, there is no positive way to know what is going on.  i know there are programs available for free mammograms, please try to find one.  
i will say most ladies say they do not have pain with their cancer...but, will add, that I did experience pain.
best of luck to you.
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