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Could this be breast cancer?

I'm 52 years old with a complex medical history that includes diabetes, asthma, hx borderline ovarian cancer for which I had a complete hysterectomy, several hernias, etc.  Re. the borderline ovarian cancer - that diagnosis was ten years ago and the prognosis is excellent.  No chemo or radiation was required.

About a week and a half ago I noticed what appeared to be a small pink sore on my left breast.  It looked like a very small swelling in the center about the size of a pimple and little veins spreading out.  This area has gotten smaller over the past few days but it's taking its sweet time going away.

I picked at it a few times, hoping to pop whatever was in the center but I think that made the center part of it worse....like maybe a tiny scar?  This may have come from a cat scratch.  Sometimes when I hold my cat his claws will nail me right about where this sore appeared.

I tried antibiotic cream but that didn't do much.  It gradually got smaller then I tried hydrocortisone cream.  That seems to be helping somewhat but the healing is very slow going.

We have a history of breast cancer in my mother's side of the family.  One of her aunts had it, and my aunt (Mom's sister) had it.  

Could this be breast cancer even though it's getting better?  Why is it taking so long to go away?  Could that be my diabetes?  I am scared of going through cancer again.  I don't think I can handle it.  The first one nearly did me in just from the fear.

I'm due for a mammogram in about a week and haven't mentioned this to my doctor yet.  I am very very scared.

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I doubt very much that the sore on your breast is related to breast cancer.
The skin of the breast is like the skin on any part of the body and subject to many abnormalities.
People with diabetes are more prone to develop infections such as boils, carbuncles, cellulitis, abscesses etc.. which are slower to heal than in people who do not have the disease.The good thing is that it’s getting better,but try not to touch it as you might make things worse.
Aside from having a Mammogram,which is of course an important test,I would advise you to see your Doctor or a Dermatologist to have a look at the sore and decide what type of medication would be needed to speed up the healing.
Best wishes...
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My mammogram has been scheduled for tomorrow.  The pink area is still there.  Since my post it's gotten a little smaller but it's taking its sweet time.

I thought that since my blood sugar was getting better, stuff like this would heal quicker?  Maybe not.

I bruise easy and at times will forget when I injure myself.  This was either a cat scratch or spider bite.  Or I could have bumped into something.

I guess what gets me is I can't remember specifically getting skewered there.  But when my cat and I snuggle, if I'm not careful his claws get close to that part of my breast.

Do you think they will want to do a biopsy?  Will it even show up on the mammogram?  I'll point it out to the technician but am worried about the outcome.

I could sure use some more encouraging words.  Thank you!
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You are welcome,
Well, I wish I could tell you more about this problem. These types of skin lesions need to be seen by a Doctor or a Dermatologist.I am sure one or the other will be able to figure it out and decide what steps should be taken.As I mentioned before,I doubt that it's something serious,but since it's taking time to completely heal,it's best to have the spot evaluated, just to make sure.
I can't predict if the Mammogram will show what this spot may be,but let's hope for good results. :)
Take care...

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