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CyberKnife for mom

Dear Doctor,

I am sending you details about my mother a patient of CA Breast and would like to find out if CyberKnife is the treatment suitable for her.
The details are as follows:

My mother was detected CA Breast Lt  in may 2007
25x28mm at 6 position Left Breast,,,Tru cut showed 19/5/07
Infiltrating duct Ca NOS grade 2 with some lobular features
ER + 3/8
PR  negative
HER 2 neu 1(negative)
She was given  adjunctive chemotherapy Anthracycline based sessions
1.Lobodex/Endoxon  with pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement..may 2007
2.Lipodex/Endoxon  + pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement..    June 2007
3.Lipodex/Endoxon  + pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement......July  2007
4.Endoxon/epirubicin+pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement......Aug  2007
developed hand and foot syndrome after 4th cycle
5.Decetaxyl + pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement
6.Docetaxyl/Tubitiee..........showed 1/3rd reduction in tumour size........   sept 2007
7.Inj Tubitere 135 mg +  pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement   Oct 2007
8. Decetaxil 135 mg   + pregalated G-CSF as growth factor supplement   Nov 2007

Then MRM was done  on 16th Jan 2008and Chem was given again Avastin cycles
Histopath reports ;
Grade 2 invasive  with mixed
ER 6/8,PR 4/8 ductal & lobular features vascular emboli seen
HERS 2 Negative   Score 1-)
Nodal Met 7/11 pT2N2aMx
Nottingham Prognostic Index 5.6
She had Supraclav left Nodes detected on Pet Scan and Radiotherapy  given in Oct 2008
pet scan dec 19th 2007 report attached
Avastin cycles given
Then oral hormonal Altraz therapy done
Pet scan Dec 2009 showed  Int mammary LN 1st and 2nd space started Oral chemotherapy Zeloda
CT pet June 2010 shows persistent tiny residual non FDG avid LN are noted in the left Supraclavicular region.Compared to the previous
PET CT scan dated Dec 22 2009,there is no significant change noted.
A coalescent FDG avid (SUV max -14,3) soft tissue mass lesion noted in the left parasternal region  measuring 3.7 x 4.4 x 7.8 CM size
the mass is infiltrating 1st and 2nd Intercostal spaces.Compared to the previous PET CT Scan dated Dec 22 the mass lesion shows increase
in size and FDG uptake

Could you please advise us and please send me the details about the cost of the Cyberknife treatment, the duration, side effects, etc.

Thanking You.


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Your post was answered previously .Please click on the link below.

To know more about Ciberknife procedure,you'll find all the information you need to know .


You should be calling the clinic performing this procedure (Since you live in India) or ask your mom's doctor where you can call to know about the cost.
Best wishes.
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