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Cyst drainage and pain


I had a cyst drained under ultrasound last week, it took a few attempts to puncture it and drain it, which was painful, one week on I still have a bruise and today the area is a bit tender. Could it be the bruising still coming out or is it an infection where the cyst was?
All benign but just a bit tender and achy.
Any ideas?
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It's normal to have some pain and bruising after a cyst aspiration.
It could also be that the aspiration may have caused some damage to some nerves,thus causing the pain.Try to apply an ice pack for a while and if it doesn't get better,I would suggest to see your doctor to have it evaluated. An infection of the area should also be ruled out and treated. If the Doctor thinks this is an infection then a course of antibiotics would be recommended.Cysts are fluid filled sacs and when this fluid is aspirated, the sac is still left behind, and this might again accumulate fluid in the future.If the cyst has refilled with fluid,the procedure might be repeated or the removal of the entire cyst including the sac might be considered.
Best wishes and I hope you'll feel better soon.
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