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Cyst vs. Cancer?
I realize at this point I should not panic just yet...however, I think it is human nature to investigate and try to give yourself peace of mind.  

I am 33 (two weeks away from 34) years old and I found a rather large lump a few days ago.  My doctor suggested waiting it out for a week because it was right at the time of my monthly cycle.  She also asked about my caffeine intake.  With these two things being contributors to cysts (according to the nurse)...I am sure this is a cyst and nothing else to worry about.  

The only history of cancer I have in my family is my paternal grandmother who was diagnosed with breast cancer...had surgery, but no other treatment beyond that (to my knowledge).  

After reading some other posts...I'm still a little concerned.  The lump is fairly large (to me, anyway)...about the size of a grape...small grape maybe.  It does not hurt at all.  And it also seems to be smooth...I've seen posts saying a cancerous lump would not be smooth?  Is that right?  

I realize everyone is different and every situation is different and I am trying my best not to worry and just wait out the week to see if it goes away...but, Race for the Cure is taking place on Saturday.  So, reminders are everywhere!  :-)  Makes it a little hard to keep your mind off of it.  Thanks for any help!
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You are doing fine.  The chances are that the lump that you found is a cyst, but checking out thoroughly is the best thing to do.  There is absolutely no reason to give in to panic.  Whatever is there, is there.  You and your doctor and nurses are trying to determine its nature and what you should do.

At this point, while waiting for a calmer time of your cycle, do some research on cysts and what affects them: diet, menstrual cycle, etc.  That way you are doing something constructive and will understand what plan of action you take.  Hopefully, the hardest thing that you have to do is cut back on the caffeine!  Also, do some things that pamper yourself a little and make you smile.  Life is very good, and you don't want to waste many moments worrying about something that may never happen.

As for breast cancer, for now, don't worry overmuch about it.  You are thoroughly investigating this lump and may find others in years to come.  Always check it out right away and I hope that your news is always the best!  But, if you every join our ranks as breast cancer survivors, we will welcome you and do all we can to support you.  I am thinking of you.
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