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Cysts in breast?

Hi there...hoping someone can help me with more information!  I am 37 years old and have been experiencing localized breast pain for more than 2.5 years.  It started in the last few months of nursing my first child, continued after nursing, during my second pregnancy and again during nursing my second child.  A few months back upon weening my second child the pain in this area became much more intense and then returned to the "normal" level upon completion of nursing.  I have had two ultrasounds...the first was inconclusive as I was still nursing and all they could see were the milk ducts, however, in the second they fould a cyst.   Just the other day the doctor said she felt a cyst in my other breast...is it possible to conclusively say that it is a cyst by an examination without other tests & should I be asking for other tests (of the cyst to see if it could be cancerous or a mammogram?)
It seems if my doctor does not want to do a mammogram because of my age and because I finished nursing 3 months ago!  I'm concerned that this could lead to breast cancer (great grandmother had it)
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I doubt that you have breast cancer,but you could certainly ask your doctor to order an Ultrasound test which is very good in detecting cysts and it's also painless.
Your doctor is right by not ordering a mammogram because of your age,but an Ultrasound would seem most appropriate in your case.
Best wishes....
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If you had an Ultrasound recently and the radiologist told you that the lump is a cyst (fluid filled sac) then you have nothing to worry about.Do you know what was the BIRADS score stated on your Ultrasound?
If the lump was suspicious a biopsy would have certainly been ordered.
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