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DCIS in fibroadenoma

my sister is very young, only 20 years old and she recently went for a simple lumpectomy because of a fibroadenoma in her left breast. Post surgery on the fibroadenoma found low grade DCIS (ductal carsinoma in situ). this is very rare (even more so for her age), and our family is worried sick. She is due to go for an MRI to check both breasts. What are the odds that there will be invasive cancer in the surrounding tissue? I read that the younger you are diagnosed, the higher the rate of recurrence, and this is stressing us out. I really do not want anything to happen to her.

oh, also, recently she has some red rashes and itching outside of her areola, near the surgical incision area. Should we be worried about this too?
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When a diagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is diagnosed after excision of a benign fibroadenoma.Re-excision to get a clear surgical margin is warranted.
Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) is a noninvasive carcinoma,meaning that the cancer cells are confined to the ductal structures and have not spread.Depending on the surgeon's decision,it is usually treated by excision (lumpectomy) plus radiotherapy to the breast.and hormonal treatment in the form of Tamoxifen ,if the DCIS tests positive for hormone receptors.
Lumpectomy "alone" could  also be a recommended treatment, if the type of DCIS is low grade and if the surgeon is able to remove the DCIS completely and no DCIS is left behind in the breast.An MRI could be very helpful  to make sure that there are no more suspicious findings in both her breasts. especially in young women who tend to have dense breasts.
You need to discuss further your sister's treatment plan with her Surgeon,and if you or your sister have any doubts at all ,you could always seek a second opinion to make sure that the right decision has been made about her treatment plan.
Keep in mind that low grade DCIS is almost 100% curable when treated early. Please don't worry, nothing will happen to your siste if she follows her doctor's recommendation..
The red rash could be a skin reaction due to the steri-strip used on the incision site.This usually clears up on it's own after a while.
My best wishes to you and your sister!
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