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Denial of anti-anxiety drugs for biopsy

Is there any medical reason for routinely denying patients anti-anxiety drugs prior to stereotactic core needle biopsy?  I thought it was somewhat barbaric to go through the experience with the kind of terror it seems to cause EVERYONE who's ever had it.

My radiologist simply didn't "entertain" the idea of tranquilizers, yet I'm reading about other patients who benefitted from them.  Are the doctors truly so unaware of the extraordinary level of stress for their patients?  (Don't they teach anything about stress/anxiety in medical school?)

How does a patient "demand" help, without sounding like a habitual druggie?  (Again, I ask:  how many women would subject themselves to a biopsy just so they could have a tranquilizer?)

Thank you.
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I cannot imagine why they would refuse you, try asking your Primary Care Physician or your OBGYN;  I have never heard of radiologist giving any drugs whatsoever, but I have read many women on this site have been given something to releive their anxiety prior to their procedure;  who is your breast surgeon;  I go on Wednesday morning for mine, I am praying now that I do not have to go thru what you and one other woman on this forum.  

I cannot imagine in my wildest imagination that a woman would go thru a biopsy, especially a beast biopsy just to get their hands on some drugs.  People wake up, that's the craziest thing I have ever heard.  Have you had your biopsy?  Please tell me about your experience, I am scared of going thru it and have been reading both good and bad experiences.   This might be a stupid question but can radiologist give medicine/prescriptions?  I know that they are doctors, but usually they just read the x-rays and so forth.  I am so sorry that you have been left to feel like a druggie just because this process is so mentally draining and physically brutal.
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Hi, I had 2 stereos & an excisional biopsy..I got the prescription for Valium from my breast surgeon the day I met her & she recommended the stereotactic...I took it all 3x & it just did nothing for me...But I have a high tolerance...Sometimes I think these radiologist & techs do these procedures so much they actually just treat you like another number & Honestly when I think about it if they haven't gone thru the possibility of cancer or the procedures themselves they reall have no clue what we are going thru I don;t care what the textbooks tell them..I always have a problem when a man makes a comment on a woman's period or childbirth experience....That's like me a woman saying I know what blue balls or a hard on feels like...I have no clue & thank God don't have to...Anyway I'm just manhating today because I have gone thru so much lately w/ everyone touching my breasts,the pain, & the stress..I see my husband walking around knowing he'll never have to go thru this or understand what I'm going thru.My husband tries to kid & says wel you know we have to have our prostates checked, So I say yeah well we have you beat because my doc checks me there too so be quiet,,Anyway I hear you I do & I do understand & no doc should refuse you a drug to calm your soul when cancer could possibly be involved...Talk to your surgeon they are responsible for the drugs...Good Luck & I feel for you...
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I had an excisional not a stereo but I did ask my breast surgeon when I met with her about drugs.  She asked if I wanted just a local and I hesitated and asked if I could have something to help with the anxiety.  She recommended what she called "a lovely cocktail" and that's what I had.  I had an IV, and once the drugs were administered, I fell asleep.  I woke up in recovery.  My only issue is that I didn't know I would be falling asleep and I wish they had warned me when they administered the drugs.  I thought I would just be happy and relaxed.  Well, not happy but relaxed and not caring.

Also ask about post pain meds, if you need something.  I had Vicodin but didn't wind up needing much of it, motrin did just fine after the first day.  

You are not a druggie - you are a patient and requesting MEDICATION should be just part of the procedure.  Remind yourself that it is medication and not "drugs" too - you're not weak for wanting pain and anxiety relief.  GL!
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My best guess, after the fact, is that the radiologist in my case knew it was a "minor" procedure, and could not relate to a patient's anxiety over it.

For those who have yet to have this kind of biopsy, it's not the procedure itself----even if, as in my case, you don't get enough local anesthetic, the discomfort is nothing compared to dental work!  

It's the fear of the unknown: the array of advanced equipment surrounding you, the peculiar table, the images on display all around (with your name on them), the HUGE---I'M TALKING HUGE---"drill bit" awaiting insertion, etc.  It's terrifying.  Once they get started, and you hear the machine in action, well, add a few hundred heartbeats per minute, and you get the idea of how it feels.

If a friend were going in, I'd tell her to find out in advance whether or not your radiologist will administer any tranquilizer.  If not, call your own primary care physician, and chat with her (or him).
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