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I really need understanding.  About 3 months ago I noticed some dimpling on my rt breast around the areola.  It's not painful, there is no swelling, itching or burning.  No lump in or around the area.  Just the dimpling.  Does anyone know about this and what it could be?  I have an appointment scheduled tomorrow with my doctor, but the more I read, the more I couldn't help but do this post.  Has anyone else experienced something like this?  After reading all types of posts - I'm starting to get a little worried.  Anyone? Any information?  Do I have anything to be worried about?

Thank you!
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Ok. This is just an update.  I did go to my doctor and had a digital mamogram and an ultrasound.  I'm now scheduled for a biopsy this Friday.  I'll keep updates coming.
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Oops.  I left out the part that they did find a pea size hard lump.  :-(
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Nothing I or anyone else says will reassure you until you get the results of the biopsy.  I know it is happening very fast, but the doctors are doing all the right things.  Fingers crossed you get a good result.  Keep us updated.
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Thank you so much for your reply!  I'm beginning to feel a little bit over dramatic concerning this.  I am 46 and have never been sick or in the hospital or even had a baby and so being scared is a new concept for me. I keep thinking that it will be nothing - but I'm really not sure and Friday just seems for far away.  Any who, I just wanted to say thank you for replying.  I do not feel so alone now.  
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It is only natural to be scared whether you have been in hospital before or not.  So many women are getting breast cancer these days, but you were sensible enough to get it checked out.  I only wish my friends took my advise when I was diagnoised to go get mammograms.  One of the friends has now found something and has to go for a Mammogram next Tuesday, I am really worried for her.

I'm sure Friday cannot come quick enough for you, but it will be here soon enough.  For your own sake, when getting the biopsy ask the doctor how long it will be before you get the results, at least then you know how long you will have to wait to get the results rather than waiting for that elusive phone call.  Put pressure on the doctor where you can to get a speedy result.  The waiting is the worst.  I hope you get a good result.
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Thank you so much for your post.  I will pray for your friend that all turns out well for her.  AND thank you for the tip to pressure my doctor for a result date!  That I will do.  Many thanks and I will keep you updated.
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