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Dizzy after radiation

I just started radiation for unilateral DCIS breast cancer a few days ago.  Due to my age, I wasn't a candidtate for mammosite radiation so they are doing the full breast.  Since my first radiation I feel light headed and dizzy and feel a slight pressure on my chest that makes if feel 'heavy'.  This happens immiately after the treatment and slowly goes away within an hour or two.  Is this normal?
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I'm not sure!  What I would do is talk to your radiation oncologist.  I'll be having my first radiation treatment on Monday -- we could compare notes!  If it goes away fairly quickly, it's probably ok, but ask your dr.


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What did you find out about your dizziness?  Has it subsided?

Thanks for your answer to Hofstra -- I'm sure she'll appreciate it.  That's what I like about MedHelp.  So many people with so much experience.

What kind of treatment are you getting for your cancer?  Where?  Hope you are feeling well overall and that you have great plans for Thanksgiving!

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Hi!  I recently finished my 5 day partial breast rad.  I became quite nauseated from it, although the md.s and everyone else there said it was impossible.  I also was tired, weak and dizzy.  It has mostly subsided after a few weeks.  I never any answers from my doc. or the rad. people except that it's "impossible".  Well, it happened!  Not the worst thing--but I just wish they would admit it!  I was exposing my body to a lot of rad. in a short time period, so it makes sense to me that I could feel something from it!  

Good luck to you.
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