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Do i have breast cancer as i have repetitive boils under my armpits?

I am constantly getting boils or lumps ( i am not being able to differentiate them) under my armpits. The pus gets out and they get healed and again they come back. They are really painful and i am very much upset about them. Could it be breast cancer? I don't have any other symptoms of breast cancer on my other parts of body. My breasts looks good and there's no lumps or boils. I am really scared!
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That is actually a condition all in and of itself unrelated to breast cancer.  Talk to your doctor about hidradenitis suppurativa.  Would guess this is what is going on. While a big old pain, it's not a dangerous condition.  good luck
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I went to the doctor and yes it is hidradenitis suppurativa. He said that it is a skin problem and due to my overweight it occurs every other time. He prescribed me some antibiotics but said that it will not occur when i am on the medicine but as soon as i stop taking them, they will come back. And i am not feeling good at all.
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