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Does this sound anything like IBC?

My breasts have been funny for about half a year now – the nipples sometimes invert (sometimes they raise up but it is along with the rest of the areola and breast). Sometimes they get itchy and it gets so intense that I can barely concentrate on anything else.

Usually they are covered in white flakes of skin and look sore pink/red. Some skin of the breast doesn't have flakes or anything on it, but it still looks weird and wrinkled. When I showed my mother she said it looked like Mastitis, as one of the breasts had swollen up.

I looked around at BC websites and they look a lot like IBC pictures. I saw a doctor about three months ago and they said it wasn't likely to be anything other than an infection because of my age (I'm 16) and because it was in both breasts. I also had dry skin on my face at the time, so they gave me hydroquarterzone to put on that and my breasts. My face cleared within a week and while my breasts got somewhat better they're still terrible. Lately they've been getting worse and itchier, despite the fact I'm still using the cream daily.

I've another appointment for tomorrow. Do you think I should ask about BC at all, or does it just sound like eczema? I once had something like this when I was 12, but I don’t think it ever was as painful or long as this. I’ve had allergy tests to see if I was allergic to anything that might be causing it, but they came back fine and I haven’t been using any new products on my clothes etc.

Thanks for any help :)
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I agree with your Dr. .... this sounds like a skin problem. I think you might be wise to see a Dermatologist; the skin on the breast is like the skin on any other part of the body and subject to the same problems. I also think you would be smart to STOP researching on the internet about this .... there is way too much information out there and it applies only in general and you would not be expected to understand it all anyway. Medical problems need to be SEEN by a Dr. to be properly diagnosed and treated; you can't go by info and pictures you find on the internet. IBC is the LAST thing I would ever think of in your case.    Take care ....
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I think this may be a fungus problem and most doctors do not consider such. An over the counter medication, called Lotrimin, if applied thinly three times a day would almost immediately tell you if that is what it is or not, as symptoms almost right away get better? kat
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