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ER negative breast Cancer

I have had a positive biopsy for er negative breast cancer.  I have been on tamoxifen for three years after lumpectomy and radiation of opposite breast for early ER positive breast cancer.  WHat happened, how serious is the trouble Im in and how will the care differ from the last time if it will.  CHEMO?

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This means that you have a new breast cancer in the other breast.  It is possible to have tumors with different histologies, even in the same breast.  Your treatment plan will depend on a number of things:  the size of the tumor, the grade of the tumor, lymph node involvement, pr positive or negative, her2 positive or negative.  All of these things will be looked at more closely after your surgery to remove the tumor and the final pathology reports.  At that time, your oncologist will recommend a treatment plan.
Since the new tumor has a different histology, I believe it is considered a new primary tumor, and is not a recurrence.  
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