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Effectiveness of CT w/out contrast on lump below clavicle

My 12 year daughter has a lump just below and abutting up to her left clavicle, nearer the sternum than the shoulder.  The lump is firm and immoveable but not rock hard.  It has been present for a few weeks, and has gotten bigger, now about 1 1/2 inches long and an inch wide.  She has had a chest x-ray and a CT scan without contrast, both of which were clear of any masses or lymph node enlargement.  Her pediatrician ordered extensive bloodwork that we are waiting on, and we have an appt. scheduled with a pediatric surgeon, I am assuming for possible biopsy or removal but I'm not sure.  My questions  are:  is there anything to be worried about that a CT scan without contrast would not have caught?  Should we consider an ultrasound, MRI, or something else?  Thanks.
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Dear worriedmom69, As this is a breast cancer forum our focus is on answering questions related to breast cancer.   A lump in the area you describe, in a 12 year old would unlikely be related to breast cancer.  The surgeon would be able to discuss whether further testing would be needed, however to be sure of what this is a biopsy or removal may be recommended.  
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