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Fat Necrosis after DIEP

I had bilateral DIEP on August 31, 2007.  

I now have significant  fat necrosis in one (left) breast that is hard and somewhat painful.  The main reason I opted for DIEP was for the natural feel and aging that my own tissue would provide.  I now worry that this necrosis will not soften, will have to be surgically removed, and will never feel natural nor age and droop naturally.

The outer left breast is approximately 1/2 hard fat necrosis.

I had to travel to South Carolina for the surgery, which is very far away from my home.  The surgeons who performed my surgery have only seen photos of the results, and that has been over a month ago.

Today, my position is that given the additional emotional, physical and financial expense of DIEP, I would not have chosen it but would have taken my chances with implants.  I will probably never have symetry of the breasts, which was one of my greatest concerns.

What are the options for resolving this problem, and has anyone had a similar issue.  

Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Dear Kerry:  Without evaluation, it is impossible for us to make specific recommendations regarding options.  Our best advice is to seek the guidance of a plastic surgeon (either the one who did the work in the first place or another one) who has experience with breast reconstruction.  These experts will be best equipped to discuss options as they pertain to you.
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