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Fat necrosis and calcifications near nipple, Not lumpectomy site

There are microcalcifications shown on mammography near the nipple of my breast.  10 years ago I had a lumpectomy and radiation in my left breast, but on the outside quadrant of the breast, not near the nipple.

For the 1st years after the lumpectomy I had a mammography every 6 months. In the last 3 years, that has been reduced to a mammography yearly. I also took Tamoxifin for 5 years and have been taking Femara these last 5 years.

Now that this fat necrosis/calcifications are seen on mammography, my doctor wants to do a follow-up mammo in 6 months.  Obviously I am worried.  Is there a more or less llikelihood that this is breast cancer again, but in a different area of the breast?

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Calcifications usually indicate proliferative changes in the breast, and fat necrosis is rather unlikely.  Proliferative changes can range from hyperplasia, fibrocystic diseases, and malignancy in the extreme end of the spectrum.

However, there are patterns of calcifications that are indicative of malignancy, and I'm sure your doctor will tell you if this is the case.  You can also ask your radiologist about the BIRADS score of your mammogram since this will tell you if the lesion is more likely benign, malignant, or would need further evaluation (http://biradsclass.blogspot.com).

Regards and God bless.
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