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Fat necrosis (pain and lump returning after antibiotics)

Late Nov 2010, I had pain and lump on my right breast in the inner quadrant. The doc sent me to mammogram and sonogram and did a biopsy on me. The result of the biopsy was fat necrosis and it was non malignant. He gave me a week's dosage of antibiotics which I took and the lump and pain went away by mid 3rd week Dec 2010. I went to see him for a follow up on 7 Jan 2011 and he said there is some left over lump which he has to monitor and I have to see him again in  3 mths time. However, now (mid Jan), the lump and pain has returned. Why is this happening again? Do I have to take another dose of antibiotics? Will the non malignant change to malignant? Help!!
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Breast fat necrosis is usually treated with warm compresses applied to the area several times a day along with some "over the counter" pain reliever until the symptoms go away. I'm not sure why the antibiotics unless it was evident that some type of infection was present. This condition does NOT increase your risk of developing breast cancer in the future.  Regards ..
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