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Fat necrosis

I was wearing a certain strapless bra to look good in a certain dress... at the end of the evening i had taken the bra off and didn't realize how painful it was.  the wires really dug into my breasts and it was too tight.
a couple of days later, i noticed that my left breast was a bit sore and assumed it was bruised from the bra and didn't give it much thought.  before i realized it, two weeks had gone by and i still had the pain down the bottom of my entire breast (soreness/tenderness) and my breast was beginning to appear slightly larger.  i couldn't find any lumps and phoned my doctor, who prescribed some anti-estrogen herbs because she knew i prefer alternative medicine.
the pain got better and was almost gone in about a week, but quickly returned and my breast in now noticabely larger.
the dr. didn't feel anything either at my exam and sent me to get a mammogram and ultrasound, which i am scheduled to have.  in the meantime, could this pain be caused by the wires of my bra in just one breast?  could this be Fat Necrosis?

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What happened the first time may indeed come from the wires of the bra but this should have already completely resolved by now.  These new symptoms may have a different cause or etiology and I would agree with your doctor in doing a mammogram or an ultrasound to look for anything suspicious.

Other possible causes for this are hormonal changes that can effect an unusual breast reaction, or a possible infection or mastitis that can be treated with a course of antibiotics.

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