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Fibroadenom or what?

Hello, I am 24 years old (no children,no abortions or anything).
It is 2 weeks after the end of my period. From a few months I've noticed my breasts fuller and a bit bigger for which I was happy,they even had a period of nearly a month that they were both painful, hard and "full". But then all back to normal just a bit fuller.
I was feeling some pain in my right breast from a week or so, when i am lying on one side in bed and as I've had this feeling many times before with both breasts I didn't pay much attention and just regularly checked my breasts a few days ago. Tonight as I checked I felt a 2 - 2,5 cm lump
- on the outer side
- upper or middle part of my right breast
- to the side of the arm.
It moves around easy and is hard. It is round in shape like a ball. It doesn't feel pain when i press it but has some pain as a whole in the breast. It wasn't there 2 months ago. I don't smoke, don't drink coffee, just coca-cola in a normal amount.
I am 42 kg, 170 cm tall, wearing 75B.
I am financially challenged at the moment and can't afford visiting a consultation or tests. Moreover I need to travel to another town to do this and I can't afford all this, so please can you give me an opinion what this is coz I can't describe you how scared am I. I read all the information about cysts,fibroadenomas and cancer.
If it is fibroadenoma should it be taken out and does the surgery leave any mark. Can I just ignore it.
And the most important - could this be cancer?
Thank you in advance. Please answer.
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It's impossible to even speculate as to what the lump might be and you would be well advised to see a Dr. for a clinical breast exam. All facts considered I doubt that this would be breast cancer but nothing is impossible. Cysts and Fibroadenomas do cause pain and they also may change in relation to your menstrual cycle as there is some connection to the hormone levels in your body. Fibroadenomas first need to be diagnosed and are often just left alone unless they become very large or cause a great deal of pain. This of course does not mean that more will not develop. Anytime a surgical incision is made there will be some measure of scarring but this can be minimal over time. Please make an effort to see a Dr. ....    Regards ....
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