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Fibroadenoma vs. fibromatosis

I had a core biopsy and was diagnosed with fibromatosis. I was told I would have to have a surgical biopsy to remove the lump. The results from the surgical biopsy suggested fibroadenoma. I had the core biopsy done at one place and the surgical removal done at another. My question is,"Is there a big difference in the two results,fibroadenoma vs. fibromatosis?"
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Proposed Answer:  Fibromatosis of the breast, sometimes labeled as extra-abdominal desmoids, is a rare benign tumor that should be included in the differential diagnosis for breast cancer. It is usually indistinguishable from malignancy on ultrasound, mammography, and physical examination. Distinction is easily made by histologic findings under the microscope. This benign tumor does not metastasize, but is locally aggressive and tends to recur postoperatively, which accounts for considerable morbidity.  Fibroadenoma, on the other hand, is usually a discrete mass that feels different from cancer on examination and looks different from cancer on mammography.  It is a benign tumor that may grow rapidly and will often resolve on their own.  They are most common in women in their 20
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