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Focal asymmetry

I'dt like to hear who has had this diagnosis and what the outcome was.  I am a 4 year survivor to the left breast, but this finding is to the right.
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Focal asymmetry means that there is an area in you right breast that does not appear normal as compared to the rest of the tissue.
When this happens a diagnostic mammogram is needed to focus on the area so a diagnosis can be made.Very often the density will disappears upon compression indicating that it could have simply been tissue that folded over on itself.If the density remains, then further investigation will be recommended.
This could be really nothing,like it happened to me 2 years ago.When I had a spot compression mammogram,the abnormality disappeared and my radiologist said that it was simply folded tissue that appeared like a shadow/density.
Try not to worry too much.A breast density is really a non-specific finding that may not indicate something serious.Just follow your doctor's advice and have this abnormality further investigated to reach a correct diagnosis.
Wishing you all the best and I am hoping for benign results!
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