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Folic acid levels

Can high folic acid levels indicate breast cancer? If not, what else could it mean?
No supplementing at the time either.
My hormones are also all messed up from adrenal problems.
I also have cysts in my breasts for as long as I can remember.
Other docs blew this level off, but I never blow off a level if its wrong. Many docs have blew things off with me because Im young, and things have been wrong. Its become a sad sad world.
Anyway, thanks for the advice.
I appreciate it.
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anyone know this
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I got my lab book out from nursing school (copyright 1992).  Here's what it says:

First of all, if your hormones are messed up as you say it can be an interfering factor in the accuracy of the result as can oral contraception or any other form of hormone replacement therapy.  

Increased levels of greater than 1100 pg/ml are associated with:
(a) chronic granulocytic leukemia
(b) myelomonocytic leukemia
(c) other myeloproliferative diseases such as polycythemia vera
(d) liver disease
(e) some cases of cancer, esp. with liver metastasis

No specific mention of breast cancer.  I don't mean to be patronizing but in case your medical terminology is limited, I'll give you a crash course on what some of the word elements mean.

granulocytic refers to a type of white blood cell
leukemia-leuk means white
emia -means blood condition
myel-refers to bone marrow
mono-means one
cytic -refers to cells
proliferative-means reproducing
poly-mean many

Please don't jump to any conclusions.  I just didn't want to see you left hanging.  I'm sure you can look these diagnoses up on the internet for further information.
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