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Found a Lump and Freaking out!!!

I am on several medications because of I have an auto-immune disease, I am on Remicade... one of the side effects is Breast Cancer.....  

I do my self exams on a regular basis and I have found a lump and I am freakin out to the point that I am almost in panic mode!  I have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon but I don't think I can wait that long.  

I have to do research.  How can I figure out if this is just a cyst?  I doesn't hurt, it's at the 11 O'clock position of my breast.  My nipple hasn't changed.  But then again for some reason I have lost about 20 pounds without trying so my breast size has dropped.

One persons said if i can grab it its not cancer is this correct.  Another person said if it moves around its not cancer is this true.......... If it hurts its not cancer......

Please........ my head is spinning now!!!

Thank you in advance..
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NO RESEARCH >>>> PLEASE.  Tomorrow is only a few hours away and there is way too much information out there that doesn't apply to any specific situation. You might also STOP listening to what "people" are telling you unless of course they are Physicians. All those things only apply to one person and one situation and most are NOT TRUE. Just calm down and see your Dr. tomorrow and follow his/her recommendation. "Freaking Out" never served to do anything except to make you more stressed over something that may be of little concern.   Regards ..,..
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