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Found lump have old implants and breastfeeding

I found a breast lump (semi squishy, size of grape, movable) in my right breast about a month ago.  I have implants that have been in for 17 years (half silicone half saline) and I am 40.  I also breastfeed my son who is 18 mths.  I went to my doctor and he said it did not feel like any cancerous mass he has felt before, but made me appt for Mammogram (1st), U/S, CA125.  The lump when pushed can be moved slightly.  I also have slight pain in breast and underarm.  I have not noticed any lymph node changes, just pain.  I would not be so alarmed by this normally, but my grandmother passed away from breast cancer and also had cervical cancer.  My mother has ovarian cancer and died at age 46.  Could this possibly be cancerous?  My shoulder blade hurts as well.
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Hi there.

All the characteristics you mentioned point out to a benign lesion.  Characteristics that can point out to a possible malignancy or cancer would include hard immovable nodules, irregular or gritty borders, or association with a skin dimple overlying the lump.  I agree with your doctor that this is most likely benign.  However, just a precaution, I would also agree with the mammogram scheduled.  Regards.
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Thanks the helpful input. I have the implants that were half saline half silicone, they were called fuzzies. I was never told that they had a shelf life when I got them put in. I hope all this lump and cancer scare is benign. I will keep posted on the outcome! Thanks again.
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hello sir.
im 23 yrs old when i give birth to my only child and i was breastfeeding in 8-9 months,
in my three months of breast feeding i noticed a movable mass in the upper part of my left breast. i went to the doctor and he was so shock what he felt in my breast.he ask me if im breastfeeding and i said yes then he told me to go back to her if i stopped breastfeeding.but i dii not because i don"t feel anything in that time. but 2 yrs i feel slight pain in breast and underarm.  I have not noticed any lymph node changes, just pain.and the movable mass in my breast doesn't change in size.does the movable mass in my breast cancerous?
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