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Full Heavy Felling Breast!!??

Hi there, my left breast feels so heavy and full, pretty much like I need to breastfeed. I havent breastfed in over 3 years.
I can definatly feel the difference in weight between my breasts. Can anyone tell me if this is a early sign or symptom because I can defiatly feel something going on here...
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In my opinion you should consult your family doctor who will examine you and probably  run some tests,like a mammogram or an ultrasound.This could be a fibrocystic condition that many women have..but this is only a guess. You don't state if you feel any lumps or if you are  experiencing pain aside the feeling of heaviness an fullness.I think the best thing to do at this point is having your breasts clinically examined so you can find out what the problem is. Please make the appointment with your doctor so you can have peace of mind.Best wishes.
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