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Genetic Counseling

Hi. Ive posted quite a few times lately, about my moms recent diagnosis of the very aggressive Invasive Lobular carcinoma.
I had contacted my Dr, with the information about my mom. Asking about ME..and does this raise MY risk. She referred me for genetic counseling. Her nurse is not a very nice person, and really gave me very little information, other than a phone number. Can anyone tell me what is involved in Genetic counseling? What do they do? What happens to me?
Thank you for any info.
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Just a couple of comments about the BRCA test itself. It is usually recommended IF a mother was diag. before age 50 plus a few other things. The test costs $3000.00 plus and is covered by Ins. only if the requirements are met and it is deemed medically necessary.
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My niece is a genetics counselor and in her practice she sees patients in consult regarding all forms of possible genetic abnormalities.  It involves taking a thorough family and personal history to determine any possible prior evidence of genetic problems and taking blood samples to test for specific disease processes such as the BRCA gene for breast cancer.  She is a very warm and caring health care advocate and goes to great length in providing all the information needed for her patients to make any informed decisions regarding their health care.
I recommend that you have an appt with a genetics counselor --- it could provide a wealth of information that could ease any anxiety and concerns you may be experiencing at this time.
Genetics counselors are very well educated with a Master's degree in the specific subject of genetics and all must pass a strenuous certification exam in order to begin practicing in this field.  
I hope this helps answer some of your questions and I wish you good health for you and your mom as she fights her battle against such an aggressive cancer.  Please keep us informed and best wishes to you both!
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Genetic testing is very simple.  It is just a blood test that shows if you have the gene for breast cancer.  Just because you have the gene does not mean that you will definetly get breast cancer.  My mother has had BC twice at an early age.  I recently found out that I have 3 intramammary lymph nodes that they are watching.  The surgeon discussed with me about having genetic counseling.  Here is his thoughts on it.  If the test comes back positive for the gene what would you want done?  As it is because of my family history and my recent findings all he would suggest is more mammograms and other testing done at shorter intervuls.  I have decided not to do the testing as of right now.  Iike he said all I would do is make sure that I was watched more closely if the test would come back positive.  Which is what I am doing anyway right now.  Also if it did come back positive just knowing might be something hanging over my head all of the time.  This is just my opinion and you need to do what you think is best for you.  Good luck!
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