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Getting a needle biopsy

Im suppose to have a 6 month follow up ultrasound/needle biopsy coming up soon. Last time they told me that my lump was benign but wanted me to come back to get another ultrasound and to get a biopsy. I think that its just a cyst.

Does this procedure hurt and Also if its a cyst, is it drained right away...is that something seperate from the fine needle aspiration?
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A fine needle aspiration is a little uncomfortable but it does not cause pain because the area is numbed before the procedure.
If the lump is a fluid filled cyst,it will drain right away. If it's solid,tissue samples will be removed and examined under the microscope by a Pathologist.
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My first biopsy was benign but they also call me back for MRI and additional biopsy.  The second time was turn out to be cancer.  It is uncomfortable after the numb med goes away but I think it is better to have it checked throughly.  Best regards.
Hello. I had an ultrasound and they told me its not necessary 4 me 2 get a biopsy yet. They said my lump actually shrunk and it looks the same from last time. Still benign. I have 2 go back in 6 months 4 another ultrasound
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Hello. I had an ultrasound and they said that the lump is a little smaller and looks the same from last time. its still benign. I thought that they were going to give me a biopsy but the doctor are saying its not necessary yet unless my primary doctor wants to. I'm supposed to go back in 6 months for another ultrasound. Should I ask about getting a biopsy? Even though it's benign I still don't know what it is. I thought that it was normal to get a biopsy even if it's a benign lump
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Hi and thanks for the update.
First of all, a biopsy is required ONLY if a lump looks suspicious. Now, you can choose to trust what the radiologist has told you - that it's benign. But if you are going to spend the next 6 months being anxious about it, PLEASE ask your Doctor for a biopsy. Of course Radiologists don't want to do unnecessary biopsy procedures, but I'm quite sure that, for your peace of mind, your Doctor will consider it, if you tell him/her that you are not comfortable waiting and especially not knowing what this lump could be.
Take care…
Hello. Im actually not anxious about it. I just thought that they were going to do a biopsy. No one is saying exactly what it is...only that its benign and that the lump shrunk. I'll see what happens the next time i go 2 the primary doctor and when i go back for my  6 month follow up..

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Well, if you are not stressed about this lump,even though no one knows or tells you what it could be,then by all means you can wait and see what the Ultrasound will show next time.I hope everything turns out fine for you.

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