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Got milk??

In all seriousness-As a 39 yo mom of 3 with my tubes tied, you can imagine my surprise when I realized I'm producing milk! Is it true that it can be an early sign of breast cancer???
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It's always wise to get breast discharge or abnormal lactation checked out but would doubt it has anything to do with cancer.  Women get prolactemia usually in relation to a hormonal imbalance.  There is one thing that some have which is a small benign tumor in the pituitary gland. And MRI lets you know if this is the case. It's harmless in most women to have this tiny tumor but it messes up the hormones.  Another is just a hormonal imbalance.  I had a hormonal issue of too  much estrogen production which resulted in nipple discharge like milk when not pregnant.  I wasn't having a period at the time either due to the hormonal imbalance.  It was crazy.  I took about 92 pregnancy tests!  Anyway, let us know if anything came of this but this is not necessarily anything to do with cancer.  If you have pain, blood in the discharge, etc. get checked immediately.
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