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Grape sized movable lump

Hi, I know any lump needs to be evaluated by a doctor and I'm currently waiting for an appt. but just wanted to get some thoughts on my issue-

I have a grape sized hard but movable lump (it can be pushed around when I touch it and moves with my breast depending on position). I have dense lumpy breast tissue to begin with and a long family history of breast cancer ( though all the women were in their 60s and 70s and I'm in my 30s) genetic testing did not flag me as a BRCA carrier but I also did a general 23 and me test so it's not conclusive and does not test every BRCA gene.

I did a home breast exam and with my hand above my head found this hard grape sized lump directly above my right nipple. When I lay down it moves to the side of my breast- it's not rock hard but it's harder than the rest of my tissue- no nipple discharge dimpling or pain. I'm ovulating and 2 weeks from my period- I do home exams every 2ish months and this is the first time I noticed it. I had a mamagram 1 year ago that was fully clear. Anyone have any insight? Does this sound cancerous?
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