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Groin pain related to my Breast cancer?

I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer in my right breast, and have elected to have a double mastectomy.  My Mother also had a mastectomy at my age. I have recently experienced bad pain, which knocks me to the ground (if I'm walking) in my right groin area. Could I have cancer in my groin lymph nodes?
I am very scared (as everyone else is), and just want to know if this is a possibility.
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The squeaky wheel gets the grease. That is true in life and with doctors, VA or not. If you feel there is an issue, push for what you feel you need.

I had the PET and MRI before treatment for breast cancer and now get both done yearly as a survivor. If you've got metal parts in you then you won't want that MRI for sure!

How was your BC detected? Did you have a biopsy? What were the findings if you care to share?

You mention you will have bilateral mastectomies. That was my choice as well. Will you be having reconstruction or will you go flat top?

Best wishes and remember, all of us are here to hold your hand as you go through this.
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THANK YOU! I have already put a call into my doctor to have me tested for the BRCA mutation, and to schedule me for a PET scan, plus request a trans-vaginal ultrasound. I can't have an MRI though, since I have hardware in my back that can't be MRI'd. I'll ask and see what he says.
I've been given no blood tests, and I'm beginning to worry that I'm not getting thorough care. I am going through the VA, as I am a disabled (now) veteran.

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Have you and or your mother been tested for the BRCA mutation? You are relatively young to get breast cancer and so was your mother if she got it at that young age as well. BRCA men and women tend to have a much higher risk for certain cancers, for women it's breast, ovarian, colon among others and for men it can be prostrate, colon, breast among others.

Please contact your physician and get a PET scan done if they will do so. I would also have a transvaginal ultra sound done along with MRI.

It could be you're just having a really bad week or so, or not.

I am not a doctor but if I were you that is what I would do.

Best wishes.
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