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Group of Calcifications on my Right Breast


I just signed up here and thought I'd ask for some advice. I just turned 40 and I thought i'd start with my mammogram as part of my annual exam. I had it last week and I got a call from the nurse saying that I need to schedule for Diagnostic Right Breast mammogram. I am kind of freaked out because she said that they found a small grouping of calcifications so I would need to schedule an appointment.

I am concerned about 2 things...first, about the result of my mammogram...second, the cost of the 2nd mammogram since I have a large deductible to pay. I am wondering if this is something I could postpone until the first of the year. It's already almost mid-december and i thought i'd wait til beginnig of next year to start my deductible.

On the other hand, I'm going to have this issue hanging over my head until the next mammogram. She said that the grouping  is located on the posterior of my breast.

I would really appreciate input and any experiences anyone has similar to mine.

Thanks so much!
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First I don't quite understand your reasoning about the deductible .... it would seem to me that you would be paying no matter what. If you haven't met the deductible for this year you will have to pay at least something and if you wait until after Jan 1 you will certainly have to pay the full amount of the Mammogram charge ???
Now that I've stated my confusion :) ... I don't think that a 2 + week wait would make any difference in the end result of the Mammogram. Not all groupings of calcifications indicate cancer ... they however may indicate some type of  abnormality and a fair percentage return a benign result when biopsied. Since this is your first Mammogram there are no films for comparison and these calcification may have been present for some time. You might ck. with your prescribing Physician and see if he/she is comfortable with you waiting until the first of the year if that's what you decide. Regards ..
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