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Had to stop hormone therapy

I had taken estrogen replacement for approximately 4 years.  I just underwent surgery for DCIS and am no longer on hormones.   I had terrible symptoms when my menopause started (hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia) and feared they would return as soon as I stopped.  Its been 30 days and I have no symptoms yet.  How long does it take for hormones to get out of your system?  I'm just waiting for the shoe to drop.   It doesn't make sense but I actually feel better not taking them.
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You might never have the symptoms again - for which the hormone replacement was given to you. This is the case in most women who have to stop HRT in between for one reason or another.

You should still review regularly with your doctor and discuss any symptoms that you have.

Ask your doctor for calcium and vitamin and mineral supplements.

If you have been ok for 30 days, you should hopefully do good from here on.

Do let us know about how you are doing and what did your doctor advise.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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