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Hate my breast

Ihave had a prolem with cyst in my breast, to where they removed the upper right. Blood in the drainage, swelling all the way to hand,cann;t touch or hug it even swells under my arm pits or I will cry. Stop drinking pop and all caffine. My nipple is now inverted the right keeps a temp,the drainage smells bad,been on antibotic for almost two years from my right breast. The skin looks funny on it .And then I had a doctor who would tell me that draining didn't hurt but I felt it in my teeth. Right now I am thinking about opting to remove both of my breast even though I have no insurance. I rather be out of pain and not on all these antibotics and pain meds do not help for breast pain. Tried of all this for some breast I am almost 40 been having problems with my breast for 18 years. What so sad because it is cancer no one take it to heart. I was having to get drain once a week cause I would fill up so bad. When is enough enough.

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What you describe is certainly an unusual situation and a very discouraging one to say the least. Evidently you haven't been on the right antibiotic to cure this infection or this is one of those cases of Chronic Mastitis; very difficult to treat. If you haven't seen a Breast Specialist I would suggest that you do so or at least get a second opinion which might be of some value. Your thought about Mastectomy though drastic is something I can see that you might consider but this would require the opinion of a Breast Specialist also. Why not consider having this cyst removed rather than the entire breast if this has been proven to be only a cyst ??  Regards ....
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Hi, what you describe really does sound like a terrible burden to live with, and I understand how having what you have can, and may very well be, worst than having breast cancer.

I am puzzled how you have lived with this for two years. In my experience, oncologists, as any other specialists only look at, and care about their own field, and even if you should drop to the floor with a heart attack,  the specialist who is no a cardiologist would not even notice, or care, and walk out.

Perhaps you need to consult with a specialist, or not specialist, whose practice is not mostly limited to cancer.

I find it terribly negligent that you have not been referred to someone who may be able to help, and/or guide you.

Yes, I agree with japdip.

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Are they absolutely sure that no cancer is involved? Even if there was none detectable a year or two ago, these things can change. have you had a biopsy that is really complete, and one that also considered the possibility of you maybe having IBC?
(Inflammatory breast Cancer?)

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Also, with all the antibiotics you have been taking for two years, you may very well have developed an ugly yeast infection in the breast, that may be preventing a bacterial infection from healing.

Yeast infections can be incredibly painful,and cause swelling like you describe,and much more else and other.
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Change doctors! That is horrible the way you are being "treated" improperly. Change doctors soon!

Clearly your antibiotics aren't working so their judgement in letting you stay on them for two years is ridiculous. Given that, I wouldn't trust them to diagnose me for an ingrown hair. Did I mention that you might consider changing doctors today?

best wishes to you.
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I think yesterday would be even better? Kat
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