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Help in deciding chemotherapy options for Breast cancer

Pathological Stage: pT2NoMx
Tumor size: 2.1 cm

Sentinal nodes are negative

Result of immunohistochemistry:
ER Positive, AllRed score 4/8
PR Negative, AllRed score 2/8
CerbB2: Negative
Ki-67 proliferation index: 85-90%

Tumor has been removed and now I am considering chemotherapy + radation.

Three different doctors have advised three medicines for chemo -
1) 3 cycles of EC followed by 3 cycles of Docetaxel at an interval of 21 days
2) 6-8 cycles of TC (Docetaxel or Pacetaxel) at an interval of 21 days
3) Weekly Taxol + cyclophosphade for 12 weeks.

I need help in deciding which chemo options to go with.
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Gosh, I'm glad the tumor is removed and very sorry you are having to now face step 2.  It's a lot!  Are you handling it all okay?  So, your doctor is not helping you decide?   To clarify, I think you mean paclintaxol?  That is the same as Taxol.  Option 3 is the way many go with stage 3 bc or when at higher risk.  It's very effective.  If you are looking or the most aggressive approach, I'd go with that one.  All situations are not perfect in terms of tolerating the drug regimen.  Chemo isn't easy.
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When were you diagnosed? How do you like your oncologist?  Do you trust them?
My primary surgeon is recommending option 1). However, I am not sure if its the right choice for cancer between stage 1-2.
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So, I think hearing the doctors explanation for why they recommend option one would be helpful.  They deal with patients with your similar circumstances and have seen success rate that they are pleased with to go with that option.  That anecdotal experience is really helpful. Did the doctor say why exactly option one was best for you in their opinion?
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Go with your gut!
I think if I could turn the clock back I would not have had chemo.
I have had varying advice over the years.  
"Chemo is not effective for solid tumours".
Chemo adversely affects your immune system.
Chemo is effective in less than 5% of the population.
Chemo and radiation can cause cancer.
If an option, I would advise discussing with an intragrative doctor/ oncologist or talking to an experienced naturopath specialising in oncology.
You have time to make a decision.  Don't let doctors pressure you into making a quick one.
Ask around.
Address the root cause.
Do what you feel is right for you!!
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