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Hematoma From Steretactic???

Hi, Ok I had a Stereotactic Biopsy 9 days ago.My breast is still sore.The cut has completely healed on top & bottom.But I have a lump as hard as bone & about the size of a golf ball right behind the spot where they went in..My surgeon called me yesterday & asked me a bunch of ???s.I am not in severe pain,just sore when I lift & can't where tight shirts or tight bra.I just can't believe how hard & big it is.She said it will start to dissapate & since it's so close to the nipple possibly it will start to bleed out that way.She said to ice it 20 mins on 20 mins off.I am just concerned it will be a problem when I go for my next biopsy next week.How long will this take to go away????I am going for a hook wire excisional biopsy on Jan 31 will this big ball of blood or bruising be in the way????? Thanks in Advance...
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You should take some OTC pain relief medications, try some breast massage and breast exercises.

This would help.

Also it would be advisable to wear lose clothes and supprotive bra like a sports bra.

This would also help decrease the soreness.

Your surgeon is right that it will go in some time. If not you should follow up with your surgeon and get a breast examination done.

Hope this helps.

Do let us know about your progress.

Good luck.
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Hi, I had my stereotactic biopsy on Dec. 21st and ended up with a hematoma as well. I had a mammogram the week after my procedure an it did not hurt a bit----they did not compress as hard because of this. They basically just wanted to make sure the clip was placed properly. It does take time for the hematoma to go away--even up to 4 months or so. Mine is still there, but it doesn't bother me. Being on the cautious side, I try to avoid lifting heavy things on that side. Hope you feel better soon.
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How are you doing now?

Has the hematome regreesed in size or is still the same?

Have you been to see your surgeon? What do they have to say? Has the doctor advised anything?

KR62 is right about the hematoma and the time taken in some cases for resolution.

Do keep us posted about how you are doing.

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Hi, I still have the hematoma.It stills as hard & as big as it was..I'm still sore..It's not killing me put I do have to be careful picking up my baby & wearing anything tight there.I talked to the surgeon & she said these things happen ,it should dissapate over time.I told her my concern about next weeks surgery & she said if it's a problem she will drain it during the surgery..But I have to be honest I can't imagine standing there with my breast  in the mammo machine while they put this hook wire in my breast.I mean is it me . DON'T you think this will be terribly PAINFUL w/ a Hematoma the size of a golfball RIGHT WHERE THEY ARE GOING IN??????
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You need to relax. Do not panic yourself so much.

It would help to talk this out with your surgeon in detail so that you are convinced.

Try not to wear tight clothes and pick up heavy objects.

The hematoma should gradually resolve and if it does not, as your surgeon says - it would be most appropriate to drain it out.

You would be given pain relief medications and the procedure would be done under local anesthesia most probably - talk this out with your surgeon.

If you are having the pain even now, take some OTC pain relief medications.

The biopsy shoould go fine - do not worry.

Do keep us psoted and let us know if you have any doubts.

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