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Hole in left breast, pulp-like white (pimple?)

While doing my self-breast exam a few years ago I found what I thought was a pimple to the outside right of my right areola, and as it has a head on it, I squeezed it and white pus-like stuff came out.  (I am so glad this forum is anonymous!)  Ever since then the same hole seems to "fill up" with white pimply gook and every few month gets so full it begins to look red and swollen.  When I squeeze it slightly, the thread-like pimple(?) worms it's way out and it quite long - very skinny but maybe an inch long - and the hole is left - kind of like a needle-sized dimple.  It never heals.  This happened for a long time.

Now I am noticing more dimple shaped "holes" on the skin especially between my breasts (on the breasts I mean), and if I squeeze them a white dryish plug of sebum (?) comes out.  Are these just normal pimples and why does that one in the same place never heal or go away?

I also have two other things which I think might be sebum?  I get thread-like extrusions on my belly.  I first noticed them when I was pregnant, and I have many more when I am pregnant.  The look like very very thick (4 or 5 strands thick) hairs, about 1/4 of an inch tall.  They are not the same color as my thin hairs on my belly, but seem to grow up right alongside the hairs.  You can pull them off and they slide right off the hair easily.  It is not a hair, and shen you look at it, while it was attached it looked white, but now it looks black!?!  That reminded me of a blackhead - and got me thinking it was sebum in the first place.

The other thing is on my scalp!  Yes, I am a walking mystery.  I have hard crystalized granular "grains" (for lack of a better word) that feel like sand or salt all over my head.  If I lightly massage my scalp they come off on my fingertips.  The reason I wouldn't think they were sebum is that they are very hard not not squishable.  They are literally like sandgrains.  I live in Oklahoma - it is not sand!  Also, not lice.  My husband is an RN and we are sure on that count.  I do not think it is dandruff because I have tried every dandruff shampoo, even prescription and nothing helps, but also they are not flakes at all!  They are like litle crystals.

I am afraid I am never going to find an answer to this last issue, but maybe someone can help me out of the other "sebum?" issues?

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Nothing embarrassing about it! You are taking care of your body....that is all. Being vigilant about your body, and and changes that you observe is the first step to staying healthy as you get older. And, if you have had kids, you know that there is no place for embarrassment....you check your pride at the door.
Make an appointment soon.....don't just wait until the next visit. It is so important to be proactive about your health. Believe me, I almost learned the hard way.
Blessed Be
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Thanks.  As embarrassing as it is, I think I am going to mention it next visit.
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At first I was going to say it sounded like a sebaceous cyst. My mother has one in the middle of her back, and every few months it starts to look like a big bump under the skin. When she has me squeeze if for her, the cyst material comes out in long strings, and stinks to high heaven!!!
However, when you start to describe them all over your body, as well as the "crystals" on your scalp, I wonder if it really is the same thing.
If your husband is a nurse, I would imagine he could find out who a good doctor is, maybe an endocronologist.
I am a cancer survivor, and do not take anything weird that happens with my body for granted. Especially if you are a young mother.....please get this checked out. It may be nothing to have any concerns about, but you should want to be sure.
Best wishes
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