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Hormone Therapy

This is the notes of a doctor on my Mother's Cancer Report ""The positivity of ER/PR (hormones) means that the cancer relied on these hormones for growth. After surgery there will no doubt be prescribed a Hormone Therapy (Tamoxifen, etc.)""

What is "Hormone Therapy" How is it done? Is it costly enough???

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Because your mom's breast cancer is Estrogen receptive, Tamoxifen or other similar drugs would work against the effects of estrogen on these cells. It is often called an “anti-estrogen.” As a treatment for breast cancer, the drug slows or stops the growth of cancer cells that are present in the body. As adjuvant therapy, tamoxifen helps prevent the original breast cancer from returning and also helps prevent the development of new cancers in the other breast.The cost of Tamoxifen varies,depending where you live.The information could be given to you by asking your local Pharmacist.
Please check the link below for additional information about Tamoxifen.


Good luck and best wishes to both of you....
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My mothers Breast Cancer Biopsy report says

ER- Positive(9/9) 90% nuclear staining with strong intensity
PR- Weakly Positive(2/9) 5% nuclear staining with weak intensity
Cerb-2 Negative

Left modified redical mastectomy:
Infilrating ductal carcinoma grade III with metastasis to regional  lymph nodes.

Will the new invented "Single-Dose Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy" be effective for her

As per the news I have read in the URL "http://www.themedguru.com/20100610/newsfeature/single-dose-radiation-treat-breast-cancer-86136362.html"
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The authors of the present study "Single-Dose Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy" have also outlined the need for further trials They opine that the new technology will emerge out successful in near future.
The critics also regard the findings as limited because the study only looked at 2,232 women, which is not a representative sample.
I think that your mom will have the best advice from her own treating Doctor/Oncologist regarding traditional radiation therapy,since the "Single-Dose Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy"needs further studies.
Best wishes to both you and your mom.
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As zouzi correctly pointed out, the use of sinlge dose radiation at the time of breast conserving cancer surgery is promising, but still largely investigational.

So that you do not feel bad that this advancement in BC cancer was not available in time for use with your mother, let me also point that it is only inidicated for  with people with one tumor and no spread to the lymph nodes, so your mother would not have been a candidate for this type of treatment in any case.

Rest assured that your mother is being given the best treatment for her type, stage, and grade of BC.

Best wishes to you both...
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It's a small pill. Generic is around and effective. Side effects are hot flashes. Being er+ is good because it is easier to treat than some other with things like tamoxifin that have few side effects.
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