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Horriable fatigue and wieght loss by small tumor

I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. One small mass. I have been horribly tired and fatigue for months, then a few days of depression then anxiety all before being diagnosed. Can one small tumor cause all this? Thank you.
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First of all, I am sorry you've been diagnosed with breast cancer and I hope that with the recommended treatments, you will be able to beat this dreadful disease, like many of us did.
Fatigue and tiredness can occur by a wide variety of underlying causes and not necessarily breast cancer..
Depression and anxiety can affect every aspect of one's life and when left untreated,it can lead to extreme fatigue and other debilitating symptoms.
However,an unexplained weight loss could be due to diseases such as diabetes,or an overactive thyroid gland.It could also be indicative of cancer,but this happens most often if one has cancer of the pancreas, stomach, esophagus or lung.
As you can see there are many factors that could cause the symptoms you are describing and the best advice I could give you, is to see your doctor, who will be able to ask you questions and run tests to determine what needs to be done to treat your symptoms.
Wishing you all the best
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