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I am a 38 Yr old female, there is a lump in my left breast on upper outer quadrant

My Mammography and Sonography reports states that, Left breast: An oval high density mass with partially obscured margins is seen in the upper outer quadrant. No obvious suspicious calcifications are seen.
Focal asymmetry is seen in the upper outer quadrant, inferomedial to the mass.
On left breast USG, an oval hypoechoic mass with circumscribed margins and posterior acoustic
enhancement is seen extending at 2-3 o' clock positions. It measures about 3.1 x 1.7 x 2.5 cm. It shows no
significant internal vascularity and is intermediate on elastography. It is about 10 cm from the nipple.
No obvious correlate is seen for the asymmetry. No significant left axillary node is seen.
Bilateral mammogram and USG reveals
-Left breast mass as described, likely fibroepithelial lesion. ACR BIRADS Category 4a: Low suspicion of
malignancy. HPR correlation is suggested to rule out Phyllodes tumour.
-Left breast asymmetry as described. This could be parenchymal and can be followed up.
However, if the histopathology of the ipsilateral breast mass is malignant, then repeat mammogram with
tomosynthesis would be worthwhile.

Biopsy report is awaited.
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Hello there. Sorry to hear about your situation.
My friend also has very similar lump developed above left breast, similar to the location and size you referred to. Please tell more about the results that you get, it will be of much help. She is way too uncomfortable and to go and get it checked. Thank you and best of luck to you for recovery.
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I am not OP, but had replied to this post about a year ago. I had almost identical mammogram and ultrasound results and was going through the same thing. Mine was biopsied and ended up being a benign fibroadenoma, even at age 45. They did recheck it about 3 months ago, and it hadn’t changed. So mine was harmless. Hope your friend has good results, as well, and hope this post helps others feel better. Please get things thoroughly checked out for peace of mind, and also please know that it isn’t always cancer.
Thank you very much for the response.
Hello @momstar1227, may I ask what did the fibroadenoma feel like? and was it movable? and its size?
Because the one my friend has isn't actually movable and is located slightly above the left breast, slightly rigid/hard (I mean its not like jelly), and size around (3 inches X 2 inches).  Thank you.
Hello suddub123!  WE hope your friend has seen a doctor by this point.  Please ask your own question and we'll do our best to help you and your friend!
Hello momstar1227, How have you been? I am thankful for your last message.
I have an update.
My friend noticed a lump (a little squarer and harder) a little like 2 inches above the right breast. She was really worried but was really uncomfortable to go for any checkups as she is a very very shy person. She seacrched a lot in the internet and was a little bit feeling like it is fibroadenoma.

Then Almost for 2 months of being first noticed, my friend was noticing it increasing in size. It had started from a few inches above the left breast (it was hard on touching), and then it increased in size (it has reached more than 8-10 cm) almost extending up to the clavicle bone. It didn’t feel any specific shape. A slight bulge can be felt on touching the skin.
Then, My friend went to see a breast surgeon. Well, she was very reluctant to go, but agreed later.

On the initial physical examination, the doctor saw/ pressed around the said points.
The doctor was almost sure that it was nothing related to the breast. 
Was recommended for Chest X-ray and Breast USG. 

The doctor says the Breast USG Report is CLEAN as regards Breast or there is nothing related to Breast Cancer/related issues. As per the reports and the impressions seen, she recommended to show the Orthopedic doctor. 

The impressions on the Breast USG Report:
1. Few tiny well0defined hypo echoic lesions at upper quadrant of bilateral breasts-likely fibroadenoma.
2. Mild Rib exostosis with bony prominence at left anterior rib.
3. Few benign enlarged lymph nodes at bilateral axilla with fatty hilum-s/o axillary lymphadenopathy.

Also, on showing the X-ray to Ortho Doctor, The Bones Look fine, no problem. So, it could be  COSTOCHONDRITIS.

HOWEVER, unlike in costochondritis, there’s no pain in that area, 


1. Something like a lump/mass above the right breast (first noticed 2 months ago, and size kept on increasing, and now almost 8-9 cm). A slight bulge can be felt on the skin when touched.
2. The Breast Surgeon physically examined, the initial result- said it’s not related to breast tissues. Asked for Chest Xray and Breast USG
3. Breast USG shows a Clean Breast Report. But shows some other impressions, for which the doctor recommended to Orthopedic
4. The orthopedic doc saw the Chest X-ray also shows a clear Xray. So the ortho says it might be COSTOCHONDRITIS. 

However, no pain as is seen in COSTOCHONDRITIS has been observed.

Please can anybody tell me what it could be??? Really worried.
*** Should have been "Left Breast" instead of "Right Breast" Apologies.
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Hi my result is same, what does it mean? Good or bad?
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I am so sorry you are going through this. I don’t have an answer for you, but I am 45 and am going through the same thing with nearly identical mammo and ultrasound results. My biopsy is next week. I am nervous but trying to take things in stride. Hope all went well for your
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