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I am a man, and I have about a B cup breast only on the right side

Im 22, and i've had this breast since puberty. I went to the doctor when I was about 14 and he said its nothing to worry about, it should go away by the time i'm 18. well, it didnt, And i fear it is getting larger. I heard that the surgery to have it removed is very risy and costly. If anyone can help me with this situation, please contact me at funkalicious_Drummer***@****
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Your situation is indeed unusual since the breast tissues in a male are normally underdeveloped.  This unilateral breast enlargement may be an accumulation of fat tissues, or indeed abnormal proliferation of breast tissues.  This can be surgically removed but if there is no medical consequence, most would just opt to observe.

You may also discuss with your doctors regarding ruling out liver problems that can cause excessive estrogen accumulation leading to this enlargement of the male mammary gland.

Regards and God bless.
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