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I have a lump

Hi i have a lump about 1 inch in diameter and it is not very big i found it this morning when i woke up. It is under my skin. It is on my armpit. it is smooth and sore when i touch it there is no bite so i know it didn't come from a bug. it is not even red. Help should i go to the doctor.

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I would advise that you do check with your Dr. regarding this lump. To appear so suddenly this may well be due to some sort of irritation in that area. There are lymph nodes in that location but being as large as you state I would doubt that it is a lymph node although anything is possible. Sometimes there can be irritation in response to deodorant or an infected hair follicle. It's still wise to have it examined by your Dr. since some type of treatment may be necessary.  Regards ...
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