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I have a very important question

Hi my name's Justin. I've had a lump in my left breast for a long time,but it's never really gave me any trouble, sometimes it would ache. but now I have a pain in my underarm area, like it's my ribs or something, but sometimes I can put my deoderant on and it kind of hurts to rub the deoderant over my arm pit. I was just wandering if I should be worried, or could it be something to do with my ribs, like space between my ribs? My left armpit swells just a little but there isnt' really a lump, at least no different than the other armpit. I was just wanderinn if you could give me some advice. Thanks. Justin
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Hi, Justin,
I agree with japdip 100%! Only a doctor can give you answers---we can only suggest possible causes for what you're feeling. You need a medical professional to give
you a specific diagnosis and then recommend treatment, if any is needed. You don't say how old you are, but if I were your mom, I'd be telling you the same thing! Get it checked out and put your mind to rest. Not knowing  and not taking steps to find out is way worse than anything else.
Wishing you well,
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JUstin, if you haven't even had your Dr. examine the lump then it might be a good idea to do so although if you've had it for a long time I doubt that it is anything to be overly concerned about. The swelling in your armpit could even be due to your deodorant or something just as simple. Sometimes a hair follicle can become infected and cause this type of problem. I really think a visit to your Dr. for a good exam of both areas would be something you might consider.  Take care ......
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