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I have massive pain under armpits/ribs/boobs

I am 39.  I see lots of people having my problem.  I got the flu shot in September last year.  Second time I did it, second time it about killed me.  (I think the government is trying to kill off the weak with those vaccines)  Anyway, I've been to the ER a few times, I've had 5 or 6 different ribs "pop out" just from turning around, or getting a hug....I also got two vertical dark grey stripes growing inside or underneath my right pointer fingernail and one going down my right thumb.  I have pain in both armpits, started in one with a lump.  The lumps come and go, and the doctor found it once.  And like most of you, he said it wasn't anything because they couldn't see it on the MRI.  ONE THING TO THINK ABOUT....my mom died of breast/bone cancer two years ago, and she had an obvious lump (like we all seem to) and she got an MRI.  They didn't see anything.  So she got an ultrasound, since the lump was obvious.  She had a masectomy a week later, and died two years ago.  Doctors are full of it.  Period.  Especially these days, bottom dollar talks, and most of us barely have that...a dollar.  Anyway, I have pain that shoots out of my boobs now, and both armpits.  I can feel pain from the inside of my groin going down my thigh, like in my artery.  I swear I can feel my veins.  It's like overload of pressure.  I never feel good, like I have the flu 24/7.  I can't breathe now, it hurts all the time.  I don't know, maybe I'm just dying.  I guess it's between me and God, because there is NO help for people without insurance.  I've been waiting in case it's the "Big C" and so it wouldn't be pre-existing.  But it doesn't seem I will be able to get insurance at all.  So not sure how to get help.  Thanks.

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I'm not sure exactly what you are asking but I'll try to answer some of your concerns. First I suppose I'll mention that some people do have a reaction to the Flu vaccine and may even have flu-like symptoms. You should mention this before taking the next flu shot. I'm not sure what you mean by ribs "popping out" ... if your ribs are actually breaking then you may have Osteoporosis and should be taking some form of "bone building" supplement or medication. IF the lumps you refer to come and go then they are most likely cysts ... cysts to change in this way and this is usually related to the hormone levels in the body. Cysts can usually be "seen" clearly on Ultrasound. These cysts as well as Fibroadenomas (benign breast tumors) can indeed cause considerable discomfort. It seems that many of the symptoms you have described here have absolutely NOTHING to do with Breast Cancer which is what we deal with here in the Community. You might post some of your concerns in other Forums on the Med Help site; perhaps "Womens Health". There certainly IS help for those who have no Insurance IF you qualify of course through help from your State or Local Government. The best way to get help is to first see a Dr. to find out exactly what is wrong and then go from there. Most Physician's offices know of available financial help in your area. I really don't see anything related to Breast Cancer in what you have stated here except that you evidently have a family history connected to your Mother's passing.  Regards ....
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