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I need some advice please

I had a mammogram done 3 yr ago as i had some swellin above my right breast, they didn seem that much concerned about that and have me a mammo, the result's show a lump and they did a biopsy straight away, i was then told i would have t wait 2 wk's for the result's , 3 wk later still not heard anything n was quite worried so i got in touch with the hospital n they told me it was noting t worry about it was a fibroadenoma b2, but they thought it a lipoma at first, 3 yr's on i still have the swellin above my right breast which has gotten much larger and so very painful, ive had ultra sound ,which showed nothing, twice now, not had another mammogram since my first, i cant tell you how much this has upset me cause i know my own body and something is not right at all, wen the swellin flare's up it is unbearable, i also feel like i have swellin under my arm, my breast at time's is to painful, im havin night sweat's ,and im alway's feelin so tired and it's proper gettin me down, i am 46 yr ole, i had a hysterectomy done 5 yr's ago due to constant pain and i went threw 2 yr's of test n all showed clear but wen i had the hysterectomy they found quite a large tumour which wasn cancerous, but i lone then something wasn right, my sister had breast cancer at the age of 47, my dad passed away 3 yr ago to lung cancer n now my mum is dyin of the same with lung cancer, i never really worried about cancer but with everything goin on and how ive been feelin n feelin like im not taken seriously with how bad im getting with the pain i cant take much more, and askin for some advice as to wat my nxt step should be please  
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It sounds like you really need to get another mammogram. I'm not sure how often they recommend it to someone with your family/personal medical history, but 3 years sounds like a pretty long time. Also, you know your body so don't take no for an answer. If it's becoming painful and doesn't feel right, but the ultrasounds aren't showing anything maybe you can get it taken out as an elective surgery? It's really important they listen to you and you feel like you can communicate to your doctor. If you have to, switch to another doctor.
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Thank you for you reply i really appreciate it, i have just recieved a letter from the hospital wen i had a ultra sound done on the 23/9 , it states on the letter her breast's were entirely normal and he couldn feel a fibroadenoma and axillary lymph nodes were not enlarged, however there was a lumpish feel with tenderness in the infra clavicular region on the right side? Protuberant rib and this is the area of concern by the patient, and in view of her family history of breast cancer i would be obliged if you could refer her to the family history clinic at pgh, even now im so frustrated that i feel no one's takin me seriously, and i cannot live with this pain all the time, what do you think ? X
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I wish I knew what to tell you. It took me 12 years to convince someone my sub-clinical hypothyroidism was more clinical than sub, and they still haven't done tests to figure out what's causing it. So I'm pounding my head against the desk with you.

Honestly I think you need to just keep on your doctors/switch them. My mom's work recommends an biannual mammogram for someone in their 50's with NORMAL chances of breast cancer. With your sister being so young, they really shouldn't push you aside. Also if you have private insurance- if you talk to your insurance company and have them see that you are at greater risk they might pay for an "elective" reductive surgery on the breasts and then maybe you can talk with the surgeon to get them to reduce problem areas? Sounds a little far fetched. However, I really think if it's causing you constant pain you should have it out. No one should expect you to live in constant pain.
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thank u love for your reply, ive been at my wits end here with allsort,s of worry,s, n cause im not gettin any nearer to knowing wat my problem is i feel so very frustrated, ive only had one biopsy done, if it wasn for the pain i wouldn worry mysel over it but it,s gotten to the stage were its totally un bearable, and you can cleary see a dark area around were the lump is, i will go see my doctor again and just see were i go rom there, really appreciate you takin the time out to reply back to and i thank u for that love x
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Please, Please as we have requested several times .... add any additional questions to your original post ... this is very important to us who volunteer our time to answer each and every question or concern in a timely manner. It is extremely important to have all the information in one place if we are to answer to the best of our abilities. From what I have read in your previous posts I would advise you to discuss all these issues with either your own Physician or if you aren't satisfied with those results then make an appointment with another Dr. for a second or even third opinion.  Regards .....
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Hi just like to mention i have asked for a second opinion and now have been referred to huddersfield royal for another mammogram, so hopefully they can pin point something that has been causin me this pain for so long, and why i have this swellin, just like to say thank you to all who replied back to my post , x
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