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I went to the surgeon and he wasn't prepared

He didnn't have the mammo films or the ultrasound. I had to go alone, as my husband is in the same hospital.

He wanted me to show him where I thought the lump was. He basically told me nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

**Then he called last night and told me that the lab that did the ultrasound is going to do a biopsy on the outer lateral ---that's all I remember.

Can't find the paper, and need to get back to the hospital with my husband.
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I'm not sure that your surgeon was so unprepared, but more uninformed. I was instructed to take my films with me when I saw the surgeon the first time. You could have requested that they be sent to his office by the facility where they were done. Without the films the office visit would have been a bit of a waste of everyone's time. Evidently there was something seen on the films that can't be palpated. Please persue the recommendation and have the biopsy
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It's the 22nd
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Good for you .... this will settle the matter as a biopsy is the only way to know for sure. Best of luck & I hope your husband is improving.
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