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I'm 15 years old and I need help identifying if I have breast cancer. On most of the web sites I look on they say if you have lumps in your breast or blood and white stuff coming out of your breast you have cancer  but on other sites they say that that's normal for some people. I know that I should get a mammogram but I'm scared of the results and I don't know how to schedule one. Also breast cancer runs in my family but the only person that I know that has it is my aunt but she's in her late 40's. Also the first time blood came out of my breast I was only about 13 so does this mean I had cancer since I was younger?  If I did have cancer I know that there is chemo therapy but chemo can pull out all of your hair but there is this new breast cancer machine that applies only radiation to the infected area so that you wouldent have to put your whole body in the machine. I need help please!!what should I do?
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First of all you have a lot of misinformation so I would suggest that you stay off the internet and instead see your Family Physician so that you can discuss these thoughts with him/her. Breast discharge does NOT mean that you have cancer. It is a normal thing that happens often when the breast or nipple is squeezed. It can be most any color or consistency and sometimes might indicate a problem with the milk ducts but most likely not at your age. These symptoms can also be related to hormone changes that would be taking place at your age. Chemotherapy does NOT "PULL" your hair out ... some women may lose their hair with certain types of Chemotherapy but this is NOT always true in every case. You shouldn't be even thinking about this anyway; the same goes for radiation .... this is not a subject for a 15 year old to be researching. At your age a Mammogram would be a useless test since young breasts are quite dense and under normal circumstances they aren't advised until the ages 35-40. Have you spoken to your Mother about this subject ??? If not I think you should do so very soon .... at 15 you are not old enough to schedule any type of testing. If your Mother is not available then speak to your Aunt; the one that you say has had breast cancer. By the way, Radiation is always directed  to the immediate area that is involved; your entire body is NEVER radiated !!  Please speak to someone ... Mother, Aunt or  Dr,  and stop trying to research this on your own.   Regards .....
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Thank you for all the help and information!!!
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