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Im scared, being bounced arrouned by the VA administration

I served in central america in 1983 to 1984 gaurding a massive size radar two months later my hair was falling out my lips begain to swell as well as rashes and welts where accuring on my skin and burnig, this went on for about 12 hour days 3 to 4 days aweek  for 13 months on an Island called Tiger Island run by LT Oliver North the Marine, and the CIA. the military cant find my medical records wicth prooved my problems the Navy Corman wrote in my files.  Now I still have rashes ,swelling of the joints and both breast are swollen and sore with lumps.
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Dear Marine0311, We can't do anything about your missing records.  At this point you should have a check by a physician who can assess and evaluate your current situation to see what is happening now, and how best to proceed.  Your history of exposure and risk will be noted and factored into the current assessment of your symptoms.
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This has been going on for 13 years? I am just wondering why you are bringing this up now. Have you received  diagnostic impressions by physicians since, and/or any treatments or tests? Are matters getting worse, or do you think you may have breast cancer?

Your story sure sounds scary and I am wondering if your charts really got lost by accident? Did others who worked with you have the same symptoms?

lots of questions, Kat
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